The Soda Jerk – Real Cane Sugar vs. HFCS?

So one of the big things in the soda pop world is whether the soda pop is made with “real” sugar or with high fructose corn syrup. Most of the mass-marketed soda pop on your local grocery or convenience store shelf has the latter, but of course we all see the commercials for a certain kind of soda pop that’s “now made with real sugar”, and many of the soda pop brands carried at the Klassic Arcade ( have it labeled right on the bottle that they’re made with real cane sugar.

So I ask: is there really a difference? And here I’m talking about taste only…I’ve read things on the interweb that would lead me to believe that Satan himself is responsible for high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) being in foods, and that aspect won’t get discussed. But I do wonder if there is a real difference, or is it all in the individual’s mind?

So the best way to compare is to drink the same company’s product made each way, right? So I have a 20 ounce plastic bottle of FAYGO ROCK N’ RYE from the grocery store (with HFCS) and a 12 ounce glass bottle of the same (but made with real sugar) from the arcade here. Both my wife and I will compare the tastes of the two. Yeah, I know it’s a rotten job, but I will take one for the team! Let you know in a few days what our findings are.


One thought on “The Soda Jerk – Real Cane Sugar vs. HFCS?

  1. Troy says:

    Personally, I found Mountain Dew throwback to be less syrupy than “normal” Mountain Dew. Just seemed to have a lighter feel going down and doesn’t seem to leave a nasty aftertaste… But that’s just my non-scientific opinion.

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